45 Newborn essentials: with a printable checklist

Newborn essentials a checklist

There are a fair few newborn baby essentials you need when having a baby. Things that are good to have ready for when you get home from the hospital. We’ve listed them here.

Here are the newborn essentials that you’re going to need when you come home from the hospital with your little bundle of joy. You can join the website as a baby level member for free, then print off the list to make sure you don’t miss anything.

You can also read our main article Preparing for a baby: all you need to know. It is the main article linking to a series of articles, such as What do I need to pack I a hospital bag and other useful articles.

Most of the items are pretty self-explanatory. However, we’ve added a bit of further information on some of the points. When you print off the list you’ll find we’ve left out those explanations.

To make life easier you could set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist here. Then if anyone asks if they can get anything for you, you can send them the list so they know what you still need.

You no longer need to ask What do I need to buy for a baby before it arrives?because here is the full list for you.

Newborn essentials: Clothing

  • 7 x Babygros
  • 7 x Sleep-suits
  • 5 x Socks or booties
  • 2 x Scratch mitts – When babies are born, their nails can be long, these stop them from scratching themselves.
  • 2 x Baby hats or bonnets
  • At least 1 sweater (more if your baby is born in winter)
  • 2 x Snowsuits (if your baby is born in winter)
  • 7+ x Muslins – Probably the most essential item on the list, muslins are so versatile, great for protecting you when feeding and cleaning things up and lots more.
  • 4 x Bibs

Newborn essentials: Other baby items

  • 1 or 2 x Pack of nappies – Read our article about baby nappies cost
  • 1 x Multipack of nappy bags  
  • A Multipack of wet wipes
  • Nappy/ Rash cream
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Top and tail bowl – A useful multi-section bowl for cleaning up after they’ve done their business.
  • Baby bath
  • 3 x Soft flannels
  • 2 x baby towels with hoods
  • Baby lotion
  • Babies shampoo
  • A Baby bouncer
  • Thermometer
  • Baby paracetamol
  • Baby VapoRub

Newborn essentials: For when you’re out and about

  • Pram/ pushchair – Read our article about choosing and buying the right pushchair for you and your baby.
  • Carrycot (optional)
  • Car seat
  • Baby Bag. and contents;
    • Wet wipes
    • 4 nappies
    • Nappy bags
    • 2 muslins
    • Bib
    • Change of clothes (top) for you)
    • 2 baby grows
    • A toy or 2

Newborn essentials: Feeding

  • 3-4 bottles
  • 2 x Brushes to wash bottles
  • Bottle sterilizer (you can also boil the bottles)

Newborn essentials: If you will be breastfeeding

  • 2-3 nursing bras
  • 7-8 breast pads
  • Breastfeeding Pillow
  • Breast pump (manual or electric) – Trust us an electric one is worth the spend!
  • 4+ feeding/storage bottles (if you will express and store milk)

Newborn essentials: If you will be Bottle feeding

  • Formula milk

Newborn essentials: For your nursery

  • Cot/ Moses basket with mattress
  • Mattress protector – You may want to get 2, you can then put one over the main protector and sheet and another sheet on top of that, then if there is an accident in the night you can just pull the top layer off and you don’t need to worry about replacing them in the middle of the night.
  • Changing table & mat
  • 4 x Fitted crib sheets
  • 2 x Baby blanket
  • Snowsuits (optional)
  • Baby monitor
  • Chest of drawers (for storage)
  • Install blackout blind

Print off the newborn essentials checklist

You need to be at least a ‘baby level member’ to get our checklist, good news, it’s free to join. Join here now.

Download and print the Babies and Children Newborn essentials checklist here.

Think we’ve missed something off our list? let us know in the comments and we’ll add it.

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