Birth to 12 months a baby developmental infographic

birth to 12 months developmental infographic

Babies first 12 months infographic

You’re expecting, congratulations, here what you can expect over the first 12 months of your little one’s life. Our baby developmental infographic shows your baby’s journey. From them recognising your face to saying Mama or Dada at around their first year.

If your baby hasn’t reached these milestones in our baby developmental infographic, don’t panic. They’re only averages some will come along sooner and some will be later in your babies development.

We’ve used he and she in this infographic generically, as it’s better than saying ‘it’. We hope you find our infographic a useful guide to what happens in the first year.

If you’re viewing this on a mobile device you can pinch zoom on the infographic to be able to read it easier.

Babies first 12 months development infographic
Babies and Children developmental infographic

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