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Image of St Johns Ambulance free baby first aid guide
St Johns Ambulance free baby first aid guide

The St Johns Ambulance has a fantastic and long history as a charity. In its current form, they have provided first aid training and first aid for over 140 years. They now have a pocket guide to help parents with first aid.

It’s so important to know even basic first aid for our babies. The St Johns Ambulance have produced a fabulous baby first aid pocket guide for us and it’s free.

At the bottom of this article, there is a link to how you can get your free guide along with other useful resources. You can get your free guide by visiting their website and filling in your details on the form.

The guide is a great stop-gap if you can’t get onto a first aid course in the near future. However, we do recommend getting on to a baby first aid course, because personal 1-2-1 tuition is so invaluable. You can also book on first aid course for babies and children via their website.

Parenting survey findings

Despite many parents knowing how important it is to have basic first aid skills, most tend not to seek out and learn those skills. This is proven in surveys carried out by organisations time and again, including from The St Johns Ambulance. Some of the findings from a survey are worrying;

  • 72% of parents do not know how to assist an unconscious childadminister CPR  or how to deal with burns and scalds!
  • 59% wouldn’t feel confident enough to try to save a life!
  • 55% of parents lack the skills necessary to save their child in the event of a life-threatening accident!
  • 80% of parents with children that are between six and nine years old say that they would not have a clue how to deal with a medical emergency.

Make sure you order your free St Johns Ambulance guide today to get some basic knowledge and skills.

The St Johns ambulance guide covers;

  • What to do if your baby is not responding to you.
  • How to do Baby CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).
  • What to do if your baby is choking.
  • What you should do if your baby is having a seizure and;
  • Actions to take if your baby suffers a minor burn.

It’s well worth picking up a guide and learning some of these basic first aid tips. Then you’ll know you’ll be ready if something happens.

Where to get your St Johns Ambulance guide

Gt your free pocket guide from the St Johns Ambulance from their website here.

Other useful links

CPR can be a little intimidating, so the St Johns Ambulance has made a great video which you can watch on their website here. It’s worth stating that there are some important differences between baby CPR and Adult CPR.

Of course, if it’s an emergency situation then call 999. If it’s a non-emergency and your child doesn’t need urgent medical attention then you can call NHS 111, go to your GP or your local NHS walk-in centre.

If you have or know of an important free resource like this, then do let us know through our contact page and we can pass on the message.

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