Top baby names for boys

Baby names for boys

Wondering what the top names for baby boys are?

If you’re expecting a baby boy but not come up with a name yet, let us help you out. Here are the top 25 baby names for boys in England and Wales. Choosing baby names can be a fun task but it also has a flip side. It can be time-consuming and there is a lot to think about.

You may be lucky and be naming your baby boy after a close relative or friend in their honour. Or have thought about it for a long time before this point. However, for most, it can take a lot of thinking when choosing a name for your baby boy. It can easily take up the whole 9 months before making that final decision! However, don’t spend too long thinking about it. You have 42 days to register your baby boy by name at the registry office. If you don’t register him on time you could be fined up to £200!

If you’re expecting a baby girl, or are just curious, you may want to read our top 25 baby names for girls article.

Here are the top 25 baby names for boys in England and Wales:

  2. HARRY
  4. NOAH
  5. JACK
  6. JACOB
  7. LEO
  8. OSCAR
  12. ALFIE
  13. HENRY
  14. THOMAS
  15. JOSHUA
  17. JAMES
  18. ARCHIE
  19. ARTHUR
  20. LOGAN
  21. THEO
  23. EDWARD
  24. ISAAC
  25. LUCAS

With Harry coming in at number two, we’re wondering if JK Rowlings Harry Potter has anything to do with that?

This list of baby names for boys was taken from the statistics of names that were registered in England and Wales. It is from the Civil registration of names. It was compiled by the ONS – Office for National Statistics and you can view the website here.

What did you call your little boy and did it take you long to choose, let us know in the comments below.

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