Top baby names for girls

baby names for girls

Struggling to find a name for your baby girl? Well, this article about baby names for girls might help you out a little bit. Or maybe you’ve already chosen a name….. See if it lands in the top 25 baby names for girls in England and Wales.

Choosing a name for your child is a BIG thing. It’s something that normally needs a lot of thought. Firstly it needs to fit well with your surname, and be aware of the initials! Then you need to think about any nicknames she may be called later in life.

If you’re expecting a boy you can read our baby names for boys article.

Does the name you call your baby girl affect her?

There is no conclusive proof that what you call your little girl will affect her in early life of later on in life. However, the way others interact with her certainly will to a degree. For example: If she is called names at school and is then bullied it will definitely affect her. Therefore you may want to think about giving her a unique name.

Here are the top 25 baby names for girls in england and Wales;

  3. ISLA
  4. AVA
  5. EMILY
  7. MIA
  8. POPPY
  9. ELLA
  10. LILY
  11. SOPHIA
  13. GRACE
  14. EVIE
  16. SOPHIE
  17. ALICE
  18. DAISY
  20. FREYA
  21. PHOEBE
  22. EVELYN
  23. SIENNA
  25. IVY

This list of baby girls names were taken from the names that were registered in England and Wales. It is from the Civil registration of names. It was compiled by the ONS Office for National Statistics and you can view the website here.

Does what you call your little girl affect her? What do you think? What did you call your baby girl and how long did it take you to choose a name? Let us know in the comments below.

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