Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 is coming, find out more here

Childrens Mental Health Week
Children's Mental Health Week starts 1st February 2021

Children’s mental health is really important, especially during these times during the Coronavirus lockdown. Children’s mental health week is coming to the UK to raise awareness of this serious issue.

Place2Be’s Children’s mental health week is now in its seventh year, and it runs from 1st February to the 7th February 2021. This year they’ve teamed up with BAFTA Kids and Oak National Academy to create a free assembly on the theme of Express Yourself.

Lindsey Russell, the CBBC, and Blue Peter presenter, along with Place2Be’s Rhys Stephenson will be hosting the assembly. It will also have other well-known faces and pupils discussing mental health in children.

The theme for this year’s event is Express yourself. It’s all about helping kids to share their feelings, thoughts, and ideas through creativity. All activities that can help kids feel good about themselves and the world around them. This might be dancing or drama, film or photography, music, writing, or art. Get your kids involved today by visiting the links below!

In more normal times there would be a roadshow, touring the UK and visiting primary schools that get mental health support from Place2Be. Sadly that can’t happen this time around because of Coronavirus limitations. Fortunately, they are putting videos up on their YouTube channel here. Remember to subscribe, and hit the bell icon to get notifications.

What you can do

Place2Be want as many people involved in this year’s event. So, if you think children’s mental health is important, whether you’re an individual, business, school, or youth group you can get tools to help or donate here. This way you can really help spread the word.

More information

Have a look at the organisations involved on their websites below and how you can help raise awareness of the event.

You can find out more about Place2Be here
Go here for more information about BAFTA kids
and learn about Oak National Academy here

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