The Redbook is online – eRedbook – Personal Child Health Record – Get it now here’s how!

eRedbook - Personal Child Health Record - redbook online
eRedbook - Personal Child Health Record - redbook online

eRedbook is the Personal Child Health Record – Redbook online and you can help test it out

Finally, the Personal Child Health Record is available electronically online. You can now register for Redbook Online at the eRedbook. This means no more wondering where you left it, forgetting it or no more Redbooks getting damaged or destroyed! This is a welcome update for parents and will make life much easier.

“I love the eRedbook – the mobility and readily available access to my son’s health information is incredibly reassuring while I am too tired to remember anything!”

A parent who has been using the eRedbook

The Redbook online – eRedbook is in phase 3

The Redbook online – eRedbook has just finished Beta testing which is where the development company let a small selection of the intended audience test it out to find problems. The online Redbook is now in the final phase of testing and open to everyone.

We’ve tried it out, although we’ve not connected it to our child’s records yet. It’s really easy to use and looks promising. The ratings in the Google Play store and App Store are high too. If you do try it out, do remember it’s still not the finished article. Therefore, SiteKit who have developed the eRedbook would like your feedback if it goes wrong.

What can eRedbook do?

The new Redbook online can do a few things that will make life simpler:

  • You can quickly and simply sign up. All you need is a valid email address or facebook account.
  • You can access health guidance that is tailored to the age of your child, or the stage of pregnancy you are at.
  • You’ll get healthy child programme reminders.
  • You can connect to the NHS then receive your child’s health records directly to your eRedbook records.
  • You’re able to record all your health notes and attach photos.
  • Also, you can record growth measurements then you’ll instantly see them on growth charts
  • Finally, you can record your child’s developmental firsts.

If you’re still using the paper Redbook you can register for the eRedbook here. It’s easy to register for by email or with your facebook account and takes a couple of minutes. Then, once registered you can then connect your account to your child’s NHS record.

Connecting is simple, you just need to ask your midwife or health visitor to authorise your child’s record at your next appointment. The records will then appear in the eRedbook.

You can also download the apps for Android phones and iPhone from the Google Play store and App Store. The app were also developed by SiteKit, here are the links.
Android eRedbook app
iPhone eRedbook app

If you’re at the start of your journey you may want to read some of our articles in Preparing for a baby with lots of great information to help you.

Have you been using the online Personal Child Health Record, has it made your life easier, has it worked well? let us know in the comments.

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