Is Google Home good for kids?

Is google home good for kids

Can Google Home and smart home devices help with parenting?

Do you remember the days before smartphones? The first smartphone was launched in 2007, the iPhone. It doesn’t seem that long ago really, does it, yet at the same time, it’s like they’ve been around forever. Now almost everyone has one, even my mum has an iPhone! Well, they went a step further and in April 2017 Google home was launched in the UK and has taken off.

We’ve just got a Google Home Mini. To be honest, it does way more than we thought it could. Our Home mini can do things we hadn’t even thought of. It can do the practical things such as turning on and off lights in rooms when your not in them, changing the temperature on the thermostat, add items to your shopping list, asking it what the traffic is like on the route to work to, finding your phone and lots more.

Google Home can do plenty of fun things too, such as ask it ‘What’s cooler than being cool?’ and you get the reply ‘Ice cold, alright, alright, alright’. You can ask it to Sing you a song or ask it for a fun fact.

But can Google Home help us with parenting, or help our kids? Well, we think it can keep them occupied and entertained at the very least. They may learn a thing or two and at least they can have screentime downtime!

What can Google Home do for your kids?

There is a variety of things that you can do with your kids using a Google Home smart device. It may even save your sanity when they keep asking the dreaded why question……..just tell them to keep asking Google!

Musical statues or Musical chairs

If you want to get your child moving and wear them out a bit, you could get them playing the classics Musical statues or Musical chairs, these really don’t need further explanation…..

To activate just say ‘Hey Google, play musical statues’ or ‘Musical chairs’.

Telling Jokes

For a bit of fun why ask Google for a joke, they’re usually corny but can usually get a little giggle.

To activate just say ‘Hey Google, tell me a joke’

A follow-along story with the Wiggles.

Your child can go on a Wiggly adventure with Emma as she goes around town to find her friends and take them to a concert. Your child makes the decisions and guides the story and what path they take. On your child’s journey, they get to play games, dance and listen to fun songs with the Wiggles.

To activate just say ‘Hey Google, talk to the Wiggles’

Need some help at night?

Try the beautiful Good Night Songs to help kids sleep? Good Night Songs will get google assistant to play a good night song for your child, It plays a slow and sweet poem which can be played whenever they feel to listen to some music.

To activate just say ‘Hey Google, talk to goodnight songs’

Play an interactive quiz game

Your little one can play a Disney trivia game with Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, and Donald! Mickey is the quizmaster and asks the questions and they can play with friends too for a bit of friendly competition. For older children, there are lots of quiz games including spelling, maths and space trivia for them to try out.

To activate just say ‘Hey Google, talk to Mickey’s game show’

Disney teams up with Random House and Google Home

Disney and Random House have recently teamed up with Google Home to bring an extra dimension to story time. They have produced the ‘Little Golden Books’ series. As you read along to your child the Google Home speaker plays music and sound effects. It’s clever so if your child interrupts you to ask a question, your Home device will keep playing the background music or sounds until it hears you start again!

We think it’s a great idea and can’t wait to get one to try it out. Currently there are 11 titles available  including “Moana,” “Toy Story 3,” “Coco,” “Jack Jack Attack,” “Peter Pan,” “Cinderella,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Three Little Pigs,” “Mickey Mouse and his Spaceship” as well as “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.”

To see how it works watch the Ad on YouTube below.



The smart home device can do a lot more. You can find out more about what the little speaker can do on the Google Assistant page.

We’ve not set up our Google assistant for our son, but he is only 3, and doesn’t quite get it yet! If you are going to set up a Google Home for your child, remember to set the parental controls, you can also set downtime from your phone so they can’t use it between certain times.


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