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Let’s Go Live started nearly a year ago now, at the start of the UK’s first lockdown. Maddie Moate and Greg Foot’s new website has now gone live.

Let’s Go Live is simply a fantastic resource. Maddie and Greg started the home science series on YouTube last March. Now you can view the activities on their new website. With their team, they’ve put together a website full of their activities that you, your kids, and your family can recreate.

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Tweeted on Feb 22, 2021

The website is really useful, fun, and straightforward to navigate. You can easily find something to do with your children. The website is easily searchable for something to do or you can browse it.

Looking for activities

Finding something for you and your kids to do is effortless. Parents can look through the website by the age of their kids, the themes, or by a curriculum topic. The themes that are covered are titled;

  • Brilliant Bodies
  • Mission Space
  • Gardens
  • Dinosaurs
  • Project earth

Each activity has its own ‘recipe’ and comes with a short video. The videos are clips from the full shows that are available on YouTube. Next, there is a list of the materials that you’ll need to carry out the activity.

We like the fact that most of the items needed for the activities are normal household items. At the very least you can find the items in the supermarket. This means there are no special shopping trips or online orders necessary.

Once you get your materials together, you can then follow the method of the activity. The method is set out with full instructions. Each step also has screenshots from the video. This is really helpful as it means you don’t have to pause and rewind the video to watch each step.

We’re sure these activities will keep you kids occupied for hours and they also learn some things too. The website will definitely get the Babies And Children seal of approval……if we had one, anyway!

You can visit the Let’s go Live website here

Which is your favourite episode? Let us know in the comments below. Ours are pretty much any of the space-based ones.

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