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We’ve got a new business directory. We’ve long wanted to update the business directory on the Babies and Children website. Finally, the time has come. Here is what has changed and the benefits to you.

We’re so excited to be able to announce the update to the new business directory. It’s a major improvement and brings a lot of benefits to our users. That’s whether your a user looking for a business or a business owner that wants to list your business on Babies and Children.

We’ve also updated the Babies and Children events listings. Making it easier for parent to find events and easier for event organisers to list events. Read more about the new events listings directory.

The business directory is live right now and usable. You can view it and add businesses. That said it’s not completely finished yet, there’s a lot of set up still required and functionality to add.

What’s changed in the new business directory

Well for those of you visiting the website and using our directory there are many upgrades we have made or will make. Here are the benefits and things we’ve upgraded:

  • The look of the directory has been improved greatly, making it nicer to look at and a better overall experience.
  • A better search function – making it easier to find the business you want. You can also search by your current location to easily find businesses near you.
  • An excellent map integration – Meaning you can easily view businesses on the map, click on the cluster points and it’ll zoom in to that area making it easier to find businesses. Business info will also be listed on the map view.
  • Rate and review a business – Love a business? or want to know what a business is like? – let them know by adding a rating and review or look at a business’s rating or read others reviews.
  • Compare listings – Not sure what business you want to go for? you can view and compare businesses side by side so no need to click back and forth.
  • Click to call – want to call a business? – just tap on the phone number to call them. no more cut and pasting numbers here.
  • List manager – join Babies and Children for free and you can use our list manager to keep a list such as ‘want to visit woodlands’ or ‘must try soft play venues’.

Help us help other parents

Please bear with us as we continue making the improvements and add more businesses, it’s very time-intensive. Do you know someone who runs a business in the UK that is parent, baby or child-related? Then please let them know they can list their business here for free. All they have to do is register with Babies and Children first. You can easily let them know via the sharing buttons below.

Have a look at our directory now, take it for a spin and have a look for a business.

Of course we’re biased, we love the new directory. Let us know what you like best in the comments below.

The new business directory improvements for businesses

We’ve made many improvements for businesses. If you run a parent, baby or child-related business we really want to help you reach your business goals. Over the next few months, we’ll be doing that in bucketloads. Here are the improvements to the business directory:

  • Improved interface – Making it cleaner, clearer and easier to list or edit your business.
  • Claim a listing – Found your business listed already? You can now easily claim it and edit and update it as you see fit.
  • Ratings and reviews – Grow confidence in your business with our website visitors by getting ratings and reviews from your current customers.
  • Embeddable rating badge – A rating badge you can add to your website and show your live ratings.
  • Analytics – Our integration with Google Analytics will show you exactly how many views your listing is getting.
  • Social importer – You can quickly import your information from Facebook, Yelp, or TripAdvisor just by entering the page URL. As a result, you can add your listings or events in seconds.
  • All of this is FREE – Yep you read that right, we do plan to add paid enhancements but all this listed here is free.

You can add your business here for FREE.

Let us know

Whether you’re a visitor wanting to use the new directory or a business with a business listing, we really hope you like the upgrade. We’re sure you’ll love it like we do and find it really useful. We’d love feedback through our contact form, let us know how it’s helped you and how you use it. Finally, if you think more improvements can be made then let us know about that too.

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