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Our new events listings directory has been a long time coming. We have been working long hours on the update of our events directory. It comes with many benefits for event organisers and parents looking for events to take their kids to.

We’re excited to announce our new events listings directory. It brings a whole new look and lots of new features to the website. Both for parents looking for kids events and for event organisers. It’s live and usable right now, we are still adding features (It’s a big job) so there is more to come. We think you’re going to like our improvements, read on to find out more about the features and benefits.

We’ve also been really busy upgrading our business directory too. Making it even easier to find things to do with the kids such as groups or classes, theme parks and days out. If you run a business is even easier and clearer to list your business. Read more about the new business directory.

Here’s what’s new in the improved events directory

We really do hope you find our events directory useful and you create lots of happy memories at the events you go to. Where you can, please let event organisers know you found their event via the Babies and Children website. Here are the new features and the benefits for parents and event organisers:

If you’re a parent looking for events then this is what we’ve upgraded

  • An improved look and display – Making it much clearer to see events, nicer to look at and a better experience.
  • Advanced filtering – The options here filter events to only show precisely the events that suit your dates and times. You can filter events by Upcoming, Today, tomorrow, this weekend, this month, next month and much more.
  • Improved search – With our improved search function you can find events by location, price or category.

Looking for an event? go to our events page now.

If you’re an event organiser

If you run an event or events for babies, children or parents you need to register first it’s free and you can do that on our registration page. Here are the things we’ve upgraded:

  • Improved the user experience making it easier to list your baby or children’s events.
  • Link events to a business location- You can link events to a venue in our business directory, which means your event gets extra visibility.
  • Enhanced SEO Schema – The enhanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Schema mark up simply means your events are more likely to be picked up by Google and other search engines. We add this behind the scenes so you don’t need to do anything.
  • It’s FREE – While we plan to add paid features to help you promote your event, It’s totally free to list your event.

If you’ve registered already you can list your parent, baby or children’s event on our add event page.

We hope you like the new directory

We love the new events listing directory. But we are of course, biased. We hope you get to love it too and find some great events. We’ve put a lot of time and money into it. It’d be great if you could give us some feedback and tell us what you like best. Also if you think of something that would make it better that’d be great to hear too.

You can contact us through our contact form.

We have one thing to ask. If you know an event organiser please let them know that they can list their event on Babies and Children for free. If you don’t know anyone, it’d be great if you could share this article on Social media. You can do all of this easily via the share buttons below.

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