Preparing for a baby, all you need to know

Preparing for a baby

What to do when preparing for a baby

Firstly may we say congratulations. We assume you came upon this article because you’re preparing for a baby? Welcome to a series of articles we’re putting together on what to expect when you’re expecting. We’ll cover everything you need to know and if you can’t find something and we’ve missed it, contact us and we’ll cover it in another article.

 We’re going to be covering everything that will answer questions. Questions like  ‘What do I need to pack in a hospital bag for a baby‘ to ‘How much does a baby cost in the UK‘ and of course, how to reduce the cost of having a baby.

How to use our preparing for a baby article series

When you’re having a baby it can be hard to know where to start. There is a lot to know, learn and prepare for. That’s why Babies and Children baby site is here to help you in Preparing for a baby. The series is designed to be easy to read and to find the articles you want to read. We will be adding links to all the articles throughout this post. We’ll also add links to the relevant articles throughout the series and a link back to this main one. You may want to bookmark this post for easy reference.  

You can start by reading our article The 6 things to do, to prepare for the birth of your child. Here are some things you can do to are to get ready for your new arrival. We hope you find these articles on preparing for a baby useful and click the share buttons below to let others know about them too.

Newborn Essentials: a 45 point printable checklist

There are a few things (okay a lot of things) you need to get ready before your baby arrives. Read our article of newborn essentials that you need to buy and get ready, theres also a handy checklist you can print off too.

What do I need to pack in a hospital bag for a baby

In our Hospital bag article you’ll find all the essentials you need to pack. There is a checklist so you’ll be sure you’ll have everything that you need for birth of your baby.

The cost of Baby nappies

Your baby is going to go through a fair amount of nappies before they are potty trained. Around 4500 in fact. Here’s how much they cost and how you can save money by buying cheap nappies.

Top baby names for boys and girls

If you’ve not chosen a name yet, you can read our articles about the Top 25 baby names for boys and the Top 25 baby names for girls.

We’ll add links to further articles here as we add them to the website, so do pop back.

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