The 6 things to do, to prepare for the birth of your child

Preparing for the birth of your child

Getting ready for your new arrival

The imminent birth of your new baby is an exciting time. However, it is also a difficult time that can be filled with things to think about and things to plan.

One of the most important things to think about is the birth itself. Especially if it is your first baby and you are not sure what to expect.

To help you to prepare for this important step in your life, we have put together the things that you absolutely must do to prepare for your child coming into this world.

Take up yoga

Being healthy and fit on the run-up to your labour is important. After all, the act of giving birth is somewhat of a marathon and you will need to be up to the challenge. Exercise isn’t easy during pregnancy, however, one form of exercise that is recommended is yoga. Yoga will strengthen your core and teach you breathing techniques that may just help you.

Join those classes

Not sure how you feel about attending pre-natal classes? Whilst they may seem like an awkward gathering of people, they can actually be hugely beneficial to you and your partner. The classes will not only give you an insight into what to expect, but they can also introduce you to a network of people who can help you through those early stages of being a parent.

Stay positive

There is something strange about those around you as you reach the point of giving birth. Rather than offering you words of encouragement, many people will instead want to share their horror stories with you. Ignore these, whilst labour can be difficult, there are also plenty of people who have simple labours with no issues.

Explore the options

Gone are the days when labour pain relief was simply medical. Now we have a whole host of other options to consider instead. Water births, breathing techniques, meditation and tens machines or heat packs are all other things that you can keep in mind to help you to get through the pain of labour.

Keep moving

Gravity is one of the best forces for moving the baby down and into the ideal position. If you are close to labour then try to keep moving around, you may not be able to walk too far, but simply getting up and moving will be hugely beneficial in encouraging labour.

Know what you want and stick to it

Your labour is just that, yours. Make sure that you listen to exactly what you want and stick to those plans. Of course, emergencies may arise or things may affect what you can and can’t have during labour, however, if you know which plan you have in mind then it is important to trust your own judgement.

You are about to embark on one of the most exciting times in your life. Make sure that you have the best labour possible with these simple tips that you can put in place before you give birth.

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